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We Are Woman DC Rally – Pictures

The We Are Woman Constitution Day Rally was held on September 13, 2014.


Highlight Reel

It was an exciting day – despite the rain!


Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal
National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill
My friend Madison Kimrey.
I love this shot!



Maryland Congressman, and all around awesome dude, Chris Van Hollen and me.



Keeping Maryland State Senator Roger Manno as dry as possible during his awesome speech.
Keeping Maryland State Senator Roger Manno as dry as possible during his kick-ass speech.
What a day!



URGENT: Phyllis Schlafly Wants To Stop Constitutional Gender Equality – AGAIN!

She’s baaaaaaaack! And she’s rallying her troops.

There is a new movement to ratify constitutional gender equality, otherwise known as the Equal Rights Amendmentaacats

One of the most exciting developments is that it recently passed in the Illinois Senate and has moved to the House for a vote. To ratify an amendment, we need thirty-eight states. In the 1970s, thirty-five states ratified the amendment and then anti-feminist Phyllis Schlalfly came along with her STOP ERA campaign and successfully scared people about what gender equality would mean by lying about it.

A deadline was attached to the ERA and it expired in 1982. The one and only constitutional amendment that protects women from discrimination EXPIRED! Activists have been working tirelessly to have that deadline removed and while we aren’t there yet, it is only a matter of time. Federal legislation in the House and Senate to remove the ERA deadline for ratification in the states is gaining support as more co-sponsors continue to sign onto to the bills. Once that is accomplished, just three more states on board will finally afford equality to all people in this country, regardless of gender.

But there is a fly in the ointment. Schlafly is back and she is still lying. She has put out an urgent call to her followers once again to stop the ERA.  What’s worse, she is convincing some Illinois Democratic politicians who once voted in favor of the amendment in 2003, to back away from it. She is lying to them. LYING!


It is no longer 1972. We have come too far to allow this toxic gender traitor to negatively influence our rights again.

The ERA is not specifically a woman’s issue. It is a civil rights issue. In fact the text of the amendment doesn’t even mention women. As you can plainly see, it protects everyone, including men:

Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

Your action is requested. This is YOUR future no matter what state you live in. Please call the Illinois legislature and let them know you want the ERA. They need to know that you support and demand ratification. Keep in mind that staffers may dismiss you if you are unable to provide a zip code of the district they are in. This is not a just state issue. It is a federal one and therefore affects every single person living in the United States.

You can take it TO THE BANK that Schlafly’s loyal followers will get on the phone and urge legislators to vote no. Do you want them to win again? If not, call! This link provides you with all the names and numbers you need: ERA Illinois

Each lie that Schlafly uses as a fear tactic can be disproven:

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