Body & Self Image Book – Contribute Guidelines

We all have a certain view of ourselves. It is often dictated by how we perceive our appearance. This has an enormous effect on how we conduct our lives.

I want YOUR STORY – how the way you look on the outside makes you feel about yourself on the inside.

Please keep in mind that body image does not always mean or indicate an eating disorder and it’s NOT just a woman’s issue. There are other sites/blogs/books out there that focus only on women and various eating disorders. I wish to go deeper and wider.

Body image is always linked in some way to what we see when we look in the mirror.

Perhaps you are:

Overweight, underweight, tall, short, an acne sufferer, disabled, beautiful, ugly…anything. Perhaps your teeth are crooked or stained. Beautiful people can have a terrible body image while a plainer looking person might have a fabulous self-image. If you are a gay or transsexual, how does that play a role in how you view yourself? Maybe you have battled an eating disorder or are dealing with some kind of physical ailment. Does your race or ethnicity affect your self-image? What about your age? I want to know how your physical appearance affects the way you see yourself and how you THINK others see you.

I am really interested in how the media affects how you see yourself. Movies, magazines, TV shows, models and movie stars: We are bombarded with images daily. Does it make you feel better or worse about yourself and why?

Have you overcome a bad self-image? How? Do you see a therapist? Are you always on a diet? Or do you think you are perfect the way you are? Has the way you look always played a role in how you feel? When did it start?

These are all general questions and we ask you answer what applies to you. Understand that you are helping others by sharing your story. So really paint a picture for the reader.

Submissions are welcome from any gender and age.

If you wish to submit anonymously, you can create a free email account with yahoo, gmail or hotmail.



This can be done by copying and pasting the paragraph below into the body of your submission. PLEASE do not take time to write out and share your story without releasing the rights. I will absolutely not use it without a release!!!

I agree to release all rights to Ark Stories and understand that the stories may be used in whole or in part for the purposes of publication, promotion and/or distribution in any manner. I understand there is no compensation for my story and that if published, my story will be anonymous unless otherwise specified.

There is no guarantee that every story submitted will be posted to the blog or book.

Submit your stories to: Please start your story with your age and gender.