AMERICAN WOMAN The Poll Dance: Women and Voting


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What people are saying:

“This is an excellent book that I believe every American, feminist or not, should read.”

“There’s a warmth and humor that radiates throughout, which makes it an easy read. Her personal story and awakening were extremely interesting.”

“The author’s message is both logical and clear. If we want to win this fight (ratify the ERA) we must drop the petty differences and unite. As the author convey’s feminism is not a dirty word. It is up to us to define it!”

“She addresses both history and current events in a way that make them feel relevant to the reader. It frequently feels more like having a conversation than reading, which makes it accessible to a much larger segment of the population.”

“The book is a delight to read. It covers a variety of topics in history and sociology and is thought-provoking throughout. Beginning to read, I wondered how I, as an old, white guy, would relate to the material. I must say I never felt excluded or set up as a straw soldier. Johnson is no stereotypical hysterical man-hater (words she herself uses).”

Actress, author, feminist and activist. Kimberley A.  Johnson has worn a lot of hats, but the one she is most proud of is activist. In American Woman, she shares her journey and talks about two things that are dear to her heart and at the heart of our democracy:  voting and women’s rights. So often we hear people say, “I want my country back!” But so often that is followed by “My vote doesn’t count.” In  American Woman, Kimberley shows the impact voting – or not voting – can make.  In a narrative that combines the history of the women’s rights movement, personal recollections and headlines of the day – with a dash of snark and sarcasm – American Woman not only speaks to women, but to all those who cherish our democracy. It is a clarion call to arms and the weapon is your vote.

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