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LATEST RELEASE: “Peyton’s Choice,” is a story  about a seventeen-year-old girl who falls in love for the first time and engages in her first real sexual relationship. The summer before her entry into college, she faces an unwanted pregnancy. (Available now on Amazon.)

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My first solo project was released last year and is available for purchase:   AMERICAN WOMAN  The Poll Dance: Women and Voting When I got the idea to write AW, I wanted to write something that might have piqued my interest when I was young and not at all interested in politics. I wanted it to have a personal feel – as if I were talking with a friend. I’ve included a mix of historical facts, current events and personal stories from my life. There’s a little bit of humor and sarcasm for good measure.

On September 13, 2014, I spoke at the We Are Woman Constitution Day Rally For Equality. The focus was the new movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and protecting voter rights. The event was held on the west lawn of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.  See pictures from the rally HERE.

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